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Job Description

Learn our Quick-Sketch techniques to create Caricature Drawings!

Benefit from training and coaching by experienced Caricature Artists!

Build important skills in Customer Service, Craftsmanship and Salesmanship by working one-on-one with your customers in the studio setting!

Learn our quick Meet/Greet and “Demonstration Sketch” techniques to successfully approach potential customers!
Impress customers and showcase your artwork with “Demonstration” Sketches!

Enhance your Caricature Sales by offering optional full-color and full-body sketches. Add finishing touches with Custom Matting & Framing!

Your primary role will be working as caricauture for instore events as well outdoor activities. You are prohibitied to take any freelance or part time work on your days off

You must train minimum two people to assist you in doing this job

Role Requirement

Good drawing ability is important and required.

Previous caricature drawing experience is helpful, but not necessary for this position.

Interested applicants should submit at least three caricature sketches of famous people.

Must be outgoing, energetic and willing to learn exciting new skills!

Must be able to sketch quickly in front of large groups of people.

Must be available for flexible work schedules, including some evenings, weekends and holidays.

Applicants must complete an “audition sketch” at the time of their interview.

Training is provided for qualified applicants!

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