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Job Description

  • To meet and greet Party guests upon arrival
  • To administer the Party Register ensuring arrival and departure of all guests is recorded
  • To regularly communicate with the client throughout the duration of the party to ensure that everything is to their satisfaction
  • To ensure the Party room and the dedicated table at the Café is immaculately clean and correctly set up prior to the commencement of the catering element of the party
  • To serve party food and beverages to guests (children and adults) at the appropriate times
  • To encourage a party atmosphere at all times including organising cutting of the cake and singing Happy Birthday etc
  • To assist the catering team with food preparation, cleaning & serving duties as necessary for the smooth running of the party
  • To carry out cleaning duties, as necessary, in conjunction with the Duty Manager
  • To supervise the play frame area and ensure that kids and parents are safe at all times
  • To supervise the TV games room and arcade room and ensure fair usage by all of players
  • To tidy-up the imaginative Role Play rooms and ensure that toys are in their place and not on the floor at all times, while encouraging kids to play and enjoy the experience
  • To serve customers at Points of Sale to include efficient handling of monetary transactions
  • To ensure the very highest operational standards are upheld with regards to cleanliness, facilities, staff, safety and service at all times
  • To work in partnership with guests ensuring that any views, recommendations or complaints are brought to the attention of the Directors and dealt with promptly and efficiently to the mutual satisfaction of the customer and company
  • To ensure all routine tasks (e.g. signing in/out of child visitors, dealing with enquiries, fire drills, accident monitoring etc) are undertaken as necessary
  • To assist with sales & marketing activities such as the promotion & administration of parties, collection of customer feedback and positively contributing to public relations efforts
  • To work according to the shift pattern, showing flexibility to accommodate changes to shift in response to staff holidays or special events as required
  • To assist with the administration of first aid
  • To safeguard the welfare of the general public and staff, and to contribute to the effective implementation of the ‘Health and Safety at Work’ and ‘Duty of Care’ policies

Role Requirement

  • To be responsible for the smooth operational running of all type of parties the centre holds
  • To provide party guests with first class levels of customer service at all times
  • To supervise the play frame and tidy play rooms
  • To man reception and server counter as requested

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