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Job Description

Puppeteers bring inanimate objects to life in order to make them perform and interpret scripts with the same degree of integrity as actors.

Design and build or procure puppets and props to facilitate live performance of the puppet show.

Write or obtain scripts for the performance.

Deliver a strong story to captivate audiences.

Give voice to the puppets in a credible and entertaining way.

Organise bookings for the puppet roadshow or theatre, and deliver on deadlines and promises

Role Requirement

be able to channel your characters into puppets on screen

possess stamina and resilience to work in cramped or uncomfortable positions, often in the dark, for long periods of time

be aware of the strengths, and limitations, of your puppets, in order to cope with unplanned or unscripted occurrences, especially when working in live television

be able to lip-synch with your puppet accurately

be aware of the etiquette and traditions of working on television and film sets and locations

be able to communicate openly with other team members

be resourceful and constructive

have a wide range of vocal skills in order to change gender and accent whenever necessary

be aware of health and safety issues and ensure your actions do not constitute a risk to yourself or others

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