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Do you have experience and enjoy working with kids?
Do you have lots of energy and enjoy being active?
Do you get energy from working in a team where you get to collaborate?
Do you have creative ideas that you can’t wait to share with others?
Do you like challenges and being able to solve problems?
Does being a role model and supporting the positive development of kids inspire you ?

If this describes you, then don’t miss out on a great opportunity to join our team. Click the link below to view our job descriptions and see if one of our positions may be right for you! At Funky Monkeys playland, our greatest priority is to ensure that we meet every child’s individual needs, by providing a stimulating, secure and loving environment. Our experienced staff is experts in providing nurturing care that helps deliver a positive learning experience. That’s where you come in Though we are Fun coming selling fun and learn to children, We take hiring very seriously. If hired, the next step is a thorough in-house training program and First Aid and CPR training. If you are interested in working for our feel free to send your resume to [email protected]

Graphic Artist

Funky Monkeys is looking for an experienced and talented graphic artist.

Caricature Artist

Learn our Quick-Sketch techniques to create Caricature Drawings! Benefit from training and coaching by experienced Caricature Artists! Build important skills in Customer Service, Craftsmanship and Salesmanship by working one-on-one with your customers in the studio setting! Learn our quick Meet/Greet and "Demonstration Sketch" techniques to successfully approach potential customers! Impress customers and showcase your artwork with "Demonstration" Sketches! Enha ...

Puppetry Artist

Puppeteers bring inanimate objects to life in order to make them perform and interpret scripts with the same degree of integrity as actors. Design and build or procure puppets and props to facilitate live performance of the puppet show. Write or obtain scripts for the performance. Deliver a strong story to captivate audiences. Give voice to the puppets in a credible and entertaining way. Organise bookings for the puppet roadshow or theatre, and deliver on deadlines and promises ...

Party Host

- To meet and greet Party guests upon arrival - To administer the Party Register ensuring arrival and departure of all guests is recorded - To regularly communicate with the client throughout the duration of the party to ensure that everything is to their satisfaction - To ensure the Party room and the dedicated table at the Café is immaculately clean and correctly set up prior to the commencement of the catering element of the party - To serve party food and ...

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