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If you think our structured party is not enough for your child’s fantastic birthday bash? Cringe no more, Funky Monkeys will provide you with anything that you need for your child’s event.

From entertainment to party supply – and yes your piñata is ready; the poppers, the return gifts, the customized bottled water with your child’s cool name, we’ve got them covered.


Balloons make every party special, and different! Our balloon experts will make sure your party balloon decorations will be something you and your guests will never forget.

Whether you have a theme or simply wants to liven up the vibe, you can leave the balloon decorations on us and rest assured you'll get the best.


When a child sees a mascot, there's only one thing that comes in their mind - party! 

Mascots bring something else to an event. Whether it's a birthday party, launching a new store or a simple company gathering, they make the event livelier and more engaging.

Magic Show

Birthday parties are never complete without a magic show!

Give your kids a magic show experience they will never forget! Our Funky Magicians have tricks under their sleeves no one else has. 

Be prepared for some fiery entertaining show that will leave you with only one word to say - awestruck!

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